martes, 28 de junio de 2011

See you soon, Dosde Market!

We've said goodbye to Dosde Market last saturday. It was hot as Hell and there were TV cams around. Here there are some pics (thanks Roberto Gato) and some media that has featured us.

Our stand
That was midday... heat was burning my lashes up like being at Gobi desert
Our little treasure: Snow Queen underbust dress and its bolero-neck corset. Ultra-exclusive! Note that couture dummy is not suitable for corsetry so corset could not be featured properly but it's enough for a quick view.

We're on the TV!!

Telemadrid 25.06.11 - Telenoticias de las 21hrs - Dosde Market's new (2'06'' and 21'28'')
LaSexta 25.06.11 - Noticias de las 20hrs - From 38'25''

domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Dosde Market - sales and more

We are going to be every saturday on this June at Dosde Market - Plaza del Dos de Mayo (Madrid), from 12,30PM to 9PM!

♥ Everything is on sale
♥ Its a good time to chat with us personally or even to place special orders.
♥ If you order via web, you can save shipping costs by picking your order up at the stand.

We're looking forward to see you there!