lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

Our Snow Queen through Diana Carrasco's eyes

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue as told by traditions.

Some tieme ago, our friend and model-o-grapher Diana Carrasco purchased from us one of the most special designs we've ever made: Snow Queen underbust skirt. An unique underbust corset, with hourglass shape and great reduction, made from ivory shantung silk and featuring a miniskirt sewn to it. The skirt is made from poplin with a delicate point d'esprit overlay, completely hand cut and gathered by hand with all our love.

Beautiful Pura wearing corset-skirt

We also made a matching neck corset with feathers and true vintage lace trim, which we decided to give her as a gift, cos we'd swore we heard it crying its partner's absence. She wore it for these awesome self-portraits.

Finally, both corsets came along together for the beautiful work created by the photographer Diana Carrasco (she took all the pics in this post). Gorgeous model Marta Von Gore and the make-up artist Elvira Blázquez also made possible such an impressive alternative bridal style fashion editorial.

♥ Would you love to see the complete editorial? Go and check our album Something Old, Something New!! ♥

Corset and crinoline, a perfect couple

We love matching corsets and cage skirts. The combo of a curvy, tight waisted silhouette contrasting the rounded architectural volume of the bottom structure means beauty and balance. At least, we feel it that way. Bloomers are usually over there as well but that's not for today. Now we're into this perfect match.

Model: Nuria Nieto
MUA: Tamara Osorio

♥ Would you love to see the complete photoshoot? Go and check our album Alt Fashion Tales!! ♥

domingo, 23 de marzo de 2014

Domination style lingerie for Ibiza Style

Our Maxi crinoline adds the perfect touch for any fetish outfit like the one featured in September issue of Ibiza Style magazine.

Baby Skull Meets Crinoline

Hi everyone! Many of you have been interested in our hoop skirts or cage skirts, the crinolines. Original garments were created around 1850 and they were used to create the volumes and shapes of the skirts worn in that time.

Here in MSD we are mad about these garments. We made our very first crinoline on June 2010, and we haven't stopped since then. We love them under full skirts to create gorgeous volumes, and also by themselves, just matching bloomers or lingerie, for amazing looks.

Model: Baby Skull
MUA: Tamara Osorio

♥ Would you love to see the complete photoshoot? Go and check our album Alt Fashion Tales!! ♥

Verónica Zhao by Laura Galey

Our Asymétrique blouse top from Silken Xmas collection has been featured in one of the outfits showcased in fashion editorial Verónica Zhao by Laura Galey published in March issue of Stain Magazine

miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2014

This Summer, cherries and gingham make the perfect pin-up style collection

It's warm, it's sunny, it's time for new designs! The art of Gil Elvgren, vintage lingerie, pic-nics and rockabilly are the main inspirations for this pin-up girly collection for Spring/Summer 2014.

Lady Cherry

♥ Classic superfeminine yet playful looks.
♥ Strapless pieces, with straight necklines or sweetheart ones, are mixed up with fitted lines and flared skirts.
♥ Let's talk about fabrics! Plain pique, printed pique, cotton satin and gingham.
♥ Details: cherries, strawberries, pleated stuff and ribbons. And what about bows? You always need some!
♥ And finally, the color. White, red and black with green details. A classic combination that always works.

Vintage Cherry choker
Cheesecake bralette & bloomers
Cheesecake dress
Vintage Cherry choker

Cherries crop vest & overbust
Cheesecake bloomers
Vintage Cherry bracelet
Cheesecake bralette
Gingham underbust corset
Cheesecake bloomers

Cheesecake bralette
Cheesecake neck corset
Cheesecake miniskirt
Cherries overbust
Cheesecake bloomers
Vintage Cherry bracelet

Cherry Pie neck corset
Cheesecake bloomers
Lady bolero
Gingham skirt

Model: Lady Mary Ann
MUA: Neaya
Styling: Dita Mortemí
Wardrobe: Miss Self.Destructive
Special thanks to Vero Villares for doing the Victory Rolls hairstyle

♥ Would you love to see the complete photoshoot? Go and check our album Lady Cherry!! ♥