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Blood red and ink blue

Puedes ver la entrada en castellano aquí Blood red and ink blue Red and intense blue, blood and ink, intertwine in this beautiful photographic work. When we conceived the two new special corsets for Valentine's Day we had several things clear. We've always loved the lighting abilities of our friend Antonio Garci. So, who better for a Valentine's set? On the other hand, we wanted Elsa Illari to pose for us. We wanted that feline look, that sensuality and that intensity. We also have to confess that we adore her hair color changes and that this blue is our favorite. To complete the team, we have Nerea Rubio (NRA Make-up). It was a pleasure to meet her and in addition, we were delighted with the elegance of her make up and hair work.

About styling, it was easy, just some basics and a bit of imagination. Our designer took the shining stuff out of the closet and created a minishort. Due to adverse circumstances that we will now comment, it does not appear in this set and it was o…

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