SteelFeel fetish inspired corsetry

Info completa en castellano sobre los looks de jacquard y raso en la web.

We have always been a little into fetish style, our neck corsets are a good evidence of it. However, we had been wanting to take a little step further. We wanted to create something intense and seductive that would connect with our secret "I". This is what we have sought with these two black outfits.

Jacquard corsetry with buckles

The goal of this look was to create an atmosphere of restraint and sensuality at the same time. It is a double piece that combines underbust and neck corset . Both are attached by straps and buckles. They can be separated, although they look nicer together. The corset itself, is also decorated with buckles and straps. It also has extra boning and it is longer than any other with the same reduction range. For a more comfortable use, the corset has a side metal zipper that allows you to take it off easily . And, as an extra, we have the bloomers to match.

Satin corsetry with chains

Metal is something inherent in any corset. The fine stainless steel chains of these satin underbust and neck corset emphasize that point. The underbust has a visually aggressive but sensual and quite comfortable cut. The chains are meticulously sewn by hand to the corset, rigorously measured, seeking balance. The halter ribbons laterally pick up the breast in a subtle way. In addition, for easy use, it has front metal zipper. About neck corset, it is a short piece therefore, fits well for most necks. It opens and adjusts from behind as it carries chains on the front.

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