We introduce new brush cases

Collection brush cases have arrived to our catalog!

Brush cases were taking a long time to reach our catalog. Especially because we did the first one for a custom order and as a result of it we got a few more similar orders. Now, finally they are ready to be shopped in our online store. These products are designed to carry your make-up brushes. However, a little while ago some customers took them to carry painting brushes. So look, they are so versatile!

We have chosen fun fabrics from the Intersecolor collection as well as the glam pimp style of the Biker collection. Nevertheless, we can make them to your liking easily. In fact, you have some more in our Etsy store, so you can see different beautiful styles.

In addition, we have prepared an special offer so that if you buy one of our selected corsets we give you the matching brush case. This offer will be available until the end of June of this year.

Cherries corset + Cherries brush case

Cupcakes corset + Cupcakes brush case

Colorful corset + Colorful brush case

Camou corset + Camou brush case

Tartan corset  + Tartan brush case

And last but not least, if you have any question you can always send us an email to contacto@MsCorsetry.com.


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