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Schoolgirl bloomers

Let's keep on analyzing our latest collection, now it's time for one of our favourite items. Mini bloomers are very comfortable, match wonderfully many outfits and we think they're sooooo cute ;). For this FW'13-14 collection, we have made them using some unconventional fabrics in this kind :

Tartan bloomers ♥

Vinyl bloomers ♥

Traditionally, bloomers are underwear garments made from silk and cotton fabrics. This time we have chosen outerwear fabrics such as tartan and vinyl in order to make them easier to wear. Here there are some matches with them and also with shorts-bloomer from Retro Candy collection.

Our looks are Back to School ones.
How would you match them?

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Andrea Carmona in our corsetry for MYHYV

Andrea Carmona sports our red and black overbust corset, the style Ruby Plumetti from SilkenXmas collection, in Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa TV show broadcasted by Telecinco channel.

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Cropped tops in PVC

Let's talk about our Cheminée crop top. It is a very special design made from white or black PVC (Blanche style and Noire style), super short, featuring a front placket closed by hand covered with-all-our-love buttons, closed at the back with corset style lacing.

This design may seem difficult to match at first sight, but nothing further from the truth. We're featuring some ways to wear it matching the collection (this is also suitable for many pieces you may have in your wardrobe).

#1: Show up your belly

This is the most daring choice, only for those who have a perfect tummy. Match it with shorts or jeans. This piece is supershort but its neckline is fully closed so we prevent some undesired effects on look, you know what we mean ;P

#2: Just a line

Match it with hightwaisted bottoms if you prefer a little more modest choice. This way belly is just slitghly shown and then suitable for many more body types.

#3: Corsetted

If you own an underbust or a halfbust and would love to wear it with no excessive fabrics beneath, this is your top. It covers what you need without unnecessary layers :) The only thing is to put it on correctly keeping everything in its place, but then just look gorgeous.

These were our choices, all of them are looks from our Back to School collection but...
What about yours? Leave us a comment!!

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This winter, let's go back to school

Fetishism. Femininity. Glam. School uniforms. Punk
This is Back to School Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection. 

♥ Reduction type corsets in several lenghts and cuts.
♥ Skirts and tops with lacings. Pleated skirts. Slim fitting. High waistlines. Bloomers.
♥ Pleated trimmings, covered buttons, bows. Satin and plaided ribbons.
♥ Neck corsets and funnel necks. Sweetheart and plunged necklines.
Mixed fabrics: tartan, vinyl and denim.
Black, red and white with the delicate colorful shades from plaids.

Cheminée Noire crop top
Vinyl Lacé skirt

Tartan Love headpiece
Tartan neck corset and bloomers
Fétiche Écolière underbust corset

Vinyl Love headpiece
Institutrice neck corset and overbust
Vinyl bloomers
Tartan Love headpiece
Extrême Tartan overbust corset
Vinyl bloomers

Tartan Love head piece
(model's bra)
Tartan Lacé skirt
Vinyl Love headpicece and Vinyl neck corset
Douce Vinyl overbust corset
Tartan Lacé skirt

Denim Love headpiece
Cheminée Blanche crop top
Halter Écolière underbust corset
Denim Plissage skirt
Denim Love headpiece
Cheminée Blanche crop top
Douce Denim halfbust corset
Bouffant shorts (Retro candy collection)

Cheminée Blanche crop top
Halter Écolière underbust corset
Bouffant shorts (Retro candy collection)
Denim cropped vest
(model's bra)
Denim Plissage skirt

Cheminée Noiree crop top
Tartan Plissage skirt
Cheminée Blanche crop top
Tartan bloomers

Wardrobe: www.MSCorsetry.com
Photography: Garci.es
Model: Verónica Sánchez
MUA: Noelia Torrijos
Styling: Dita Mortemí

♥ Would you love to see the complete photoshoot? Go and check our album Back to School!! ♥

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Just in Fashion R&R princess by iLook PR

Our tulle skirts have been featured in Just in Fashion, a rock star style princess fashion editorial, published by iLook PR magazine in their November issue

Royale skirt from Retro Candy collection
Unique skirt made from organza, silk and tulle

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