Black and white. Corsetry for fantasy brides.

Black and white for unconventional brides

Black and white is a perfect title for this post for several reasons. First, it describes the color palette of the designs that we have used. Second, it sums up very well the month we just finished. Let's be honest: March has been very tough. However, not everything was going to be bad, this month also brought us this fantastic work.  

A great team that faces setbacks gracefully

The fantastic fashion designer and photographer Alassie took these beautiful images. We would have loved to see each other and work hand in hand, but, unfortunately, the health of our designer knocked her out for several weeks. The wonderful model and makeup artist Harley Dragonfly posed with a selection of corsets and skirts by MsCorsetry combined with the fabulous capes by El Costurero Real. We fell in love with these amazing pictures!

Harley became a delicate yet elegant crow with her endless deep red hair, amongst the whimsical greenery of Jardín Botánico de Madrid.

Top, corset and skirt by MsCorsetry

It was pouring with rain, because of that, the white look had to be shot indoors. However, that was not aproblem. The warmth of the wood matched beautifuly this fancy wedding outfit with tulle, brocades and satins.

Top, corset and skirt by Ms Corsetry / Cape by Costurero Real

♥ All pics in Botánica 


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