Outlet section is ready!

Fabulous designs at unbeatable prices in the new outlet section!

Outlet section is now online so, no excuses! There you'll find a selection of sample designs at irresistible prices. You will find both styles from other seasons as well as styles with design variations. Most of the pieces are in perfect condition, even better than any you can find in a store. However there are some that, due to their appearances in several fashion editorials or catwalks, are more used. For this reason we have preferred that the purchase of these products is not direct, but is made prior contact by mail. We explain it to you below:

How to purchase the products

  • Visit the products in the section and click on the "¡Me interesa!" or "¡Me interesa comprar!" buttons (you'll find one or the other depending on where you are) of the style you are interested in. This will open the mail manager you have configured (for example, Outlook or Mail).
  • Send us this mail and we will inform you about the product. In each product page you will find a complete description of the product including materials and sizes, however, it is only in Spanish at the moment, so feel free to contact and we will give you the onfo in English.
  • If you finally decide to get the product, we will reserve the product for you for 10 days while waiting for your payment by transfer or by Paypal.
  • Once we have received the payment, we will ship the item to you and you will receive it very soon at your address.

On the other hand, you can also visit our small studio in the center of Madrid (Spain) if you are over here. There you can try the designs on and shop them inmediately. This option is ideal if you are in a hurry or if you have many doubts. In addition, here you will find even more styles that we do not have on the web, which are all advantages! Mail us at contacto@MsCorsetry.com and we will make an appointment.

Do not miss our ⇾OUTLET⇽ and remember, they're all unique pieces!


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