Colorful printed corsets

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It is usual to associate lace, satin and taffeta to the corsets. Normally we imagine these designs attached to lingerie-like looks, evening wear and luxury. However, we think they can be much more. We enjoy thinking of them as fun clothes that can be worn at any time. Therefore, we have designed these printed corsets with multicolored details and cute motifs.

Cherries corset

A classic combination for pin-up girls and rockabilly gals. Made out of fruity printed pique, gingham and red twill.

Cupcakes corset

A young and bright design for a variety of styles, from retro to lolita. In multicolored cupcake printed poplin, white cotton satin and yellow details.

Multicolored corset

The perfect blend between acid colors and absolute black for a fun and versatile model. In multicolored flower print poplin and black twill.

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