Red corsets for Valentine's Day

New additions to the catalog: the basic red corsets!

We wanted to offer you new styles for a while so we took advantage of Valentine's Day to launch two new red corsets. Until now, our basics were black and white. However, we knew that should change. As soon as we found that red twill in such a lovely tone (already used for the cherries corset from the Intersecolor collection) we felt that we had to use that fabric to make more designs. So, here they are.

Elsa Illari looks gorgeous in both double lacing style and busk style

This time we are not boring you with technical details because you can find them in this other post. Today, what we are interested in discovering, is the magic of the red corsets.

Finally we take the opportunity to tell you that these beauties have a special discount of 10% only until February 14th. Treat yourself and celebrate Valentine's Day with us! And from now on, with a wider range of sizes, we have extended the classics to 4XL!


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