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We are working on new designs, therefore, we have to say goodbye to the old samples. Our study is lovely and full of light, but, it is small, so we don't have room for more stuff. Because of that and also because we like to make things simple, we have uploaded some of our samples to the outlet section we have created into our online store.

We started these special sales last October, but we decided to streamline the task and centralize our sales channel for two reasons. The first, for making things easier for you. The second, so as not go nuts. In the end, we all win.

About the designs

These are pieces in an impeccable condition, better even than any you can find in a store. However, some may have suffered a bit more. Because of that, we first offered an indirect purchase, so that you could talk to us before getting the product. Nevertheless, we have finally decided to give you the chance to skip that step. Each garment has a complete information, contains images of its current status and specifies if it has any particularity. Also, you know that you can always contact us before making any purchase.

Last but not least, we want to remind you that if you need to try one of the designs, you can make an appointment. We have our small studio in the downtown area of Madrid (Spain) so if you are close, you may be interested. Also, here we have a little bit of everything. Email to us at


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