IISGM '10 - Backstage

Pictures taken by Garci.es

Our designer checking the wardrobe.

Following the work of  Unai Millán & Sivali D'Lirium, make-up and FX artists, as well as Rocío Vázquez hairstyling, according to the concept the brand had designed. Thanks again to Garci for the pics.

Pictures taken by Caos

Photocall by Garci.es

Rocío Vázquez, Panambí, Sivali D'Lirium, Unai Millán
Jose Destruction + Dita Mortemí

María Rodríguez
Eva ModelImage

María M
Verónica Sánchez

Diana Carrasco
Selene Blázquez

Sarah Poe
Elena Liane

Angie Revenge
Eugenia Hitt

Models/Performers: Eva Image, María Rodríguez, Sarah Poe, Elena Liane, Ángela Sánchez, Eugenia Hitt, Verónica Sánchez, María, Diana Carrasco, Selene Blázquez, Jose Destruction & Dita Mortemí
Coordination & Choreography: Panambí Eventos
Concept: Miss Self.Destructive


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