Our website is back!!

¡Atención hispano-hablantes! Desde ahora, este blog se mantendrá en inglés para poder tener al día a nuestros clientes y amigos foráneos. Toda la actualidad Miss Self. Destructive está disponible en castellano dentro de nuestro web blog. ¡¡Muchas gracias a todos!!

Hi there, friends

We are so happy to announce that our new website with brand new design is on-line!!! There you can see all our work, you can be up to date with all new stuff and also know us a little bit more. ;) Most of our secrets will be revealed xD

 Miss Self.Destructive

If you want to shop our designs, you can do it two different ways:

♥ By sending us an email letting us know what do you need
♥ Via etsy shop, where you'll find som of our samples (we'll be uploading more day by day).


Note that website is only in Spanish at this moment, but we're planning to translate it to English too. Meanwhile, this blog will be written in English for you, and our Facebook Page posts are in both languages English and Spanish.

 Thanks for reading and sorry for any inconvenience! 


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