Buckles and brocade for a made to measure work

Hi everyone!

Today's post is very special. We don't usually show made to measure designs for our customers and this time is one of those few exceptions. Maite, a dear friend and customer for many years (the first dress we made for her was created even before the brand itself, and more than twenty designs have born in our atelier specially for her since then).

The outfit we're featuring has been made for a medieval wedding to which our customer was invited. We worked with her in order to know exactly what she needed and wanted. It has to be something with corset and full lenght sleeves which should be detachable or easy to roll up to fit the changing wheather. Finally we decided to make a dress, a bolero jacket and an underbust corset, all separated for more versatility. Here you got the sketch vs the finished design.

About color palette, she wanted black and burgundy or purple (we found a delightful brocade). Pleather and buckles were elements she loved for the corset and they became the esence of the whole outfit as you can see. Here you have some pics of the details.

We love the result, a mixture of dark trends such as industrial, goth and medieval, all subtly present but none too powerful. We hope you love it as well!!!


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