Bridal couture in embroidered tulle and jacquard

Info completa en castellano sobre el conjunto jacquard y el de tul en la web.

We always work on our pieces to find a way to make them special and unique. This time we have prepared a couple of corsetry looks for brides with lovely accesories. They are made using some floral materials in optic white that will catch your eye.

Embroidered tulle & vintage guipure corsetry

Please, look at this lovely tulle! So thin, so light, so soft with delicate embroidered flowers. It is placed sewn to a strap which is placed to the waist to enhance hourglass shape. Also pay attention to the unique guipure lace trimmings on corsets and garter. It comes from an old fabric in the north of Spain that closed years ago. So vintage! The base fabric is white bridal satin. An elegant essential.

Floral jacquard corsetry

This is one of our fave fabrics so rich yet elegant! It is applied to the garments beautifully. All the designs are decorated with delightful white pleated trimmings and satin ribbons.

Find out!

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