Our basics - Essentials collection

Corsets are one of our most important kind of garments. because of that, sometimes we feel the need of creating basic pieces as complements for them. That's how Essentials collection has born. Black, white and black again for different fabrics which define three different ranges.

Photo: MaiteA  |  Models: María M + María V

Tulle as main element making the perfect tops for underbust corsets.

Underwear specially designed for skirts, 
although they can also be worn by themselves because of the fabrics they are made from.

Fluffiness!! Synthetic furry fabric for accessories must-haves. 
A fun touch for any outfit. Match almost everything, perfect for jeans ;)

They are basic pieces with special touches, so versatile and easy to wear.

♥ Would you love to see the complete collection? Go and check our album Essentials!! ♥


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