Catalog du Rêve

Once more, Sivali Delirium took some selected pieces from our wardrobe to create her fabulous digital art for our catalog. All the girls sported different outfits using designs from many collections. Here are our picks:

First outfit, Miss Cherry; second outfit, Everlasting Darkness mixed with Dark Pin-up; third outfit, Madame Fauve from Fauves and Dompteuses.

Model: Sarah Poe | Make-up: Unai Millán

First outfit, Classique jacket with Noir-lesque bustle; second outfit, Dollesque designs with La Catrina dress; third outfit, Everlasting Darkness pieces.

Model: Jina | Make-up: Sivali Delirium

First outfit, Dollesque total look; second outfit, Dentelle total look; third outfit, Alice in Wonderland corset and bloomers.

Model & Make-up: Sivali Delirium

Photography & Styling: Sivali Delirium

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