Nights in PVC and satin

It's Christmas time! So we are really happy to show you the special outfit we have created: Nuit Satine bloomers and blouse top made from dotted stretchy satin. Talking 'bout dots, here's also de super lovely unique top, Antique White, made from hand cut point d'esprit tulle.

There also is a new basic cincher collection, Vinyl Doll, with different designs made from PVC.

Our designer also draped around the model's body a white satin dress in order to show two more PVC pieces.

Model: Magda MP
MUA: Paloma G. Coullaut
Styling: Dita Mortemí

♥ Would you love to see the complete photoshoot? Go and check our album Nuit satine, Vinyl Doll!! ♥


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