Bold sensuality in Interviú

Corsets and sheers are synonyms of sexiness. So, Interviú Spanish magazine has chosen many of our designs for their articles. Attention!! Images contain nudity. Attitude is not explicit but partial nudity it is.

Lady Mesh blouse top from Alter Ego collection | Interviú #1941 | Sara Gil
SilkenXmas top Asymétrique | Interviú #1914 | Daniela Botelho
Dentelle corset | Interviú #1914 | Daniela Botelho
Noir-lesque corset and Miss Cherry corset for Interviú calendar 2013 | Noemí Merino & María Sánchez (Gran Hermano 12+)
Bows bridal crinoline | Interviú #1907 | Rocío
Skull Bows corset (Dark Pin-up) | Interviú #1874 | Yurena
Corset from Polkadot Skull collection | Interviú #1875 | Laura (MYHYV)


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