Our new collection inspired by spectres

The time when spirits gather altogether to take a walk among the living is coming. In Miss Self Destructive we would love to pay tribute to them with a Halloween special collection, Sour Spirits.

Feathers, ribbons and lovely details in pure black and contrasting acid tones. Lace and satin are the main fabrics. Corsetry in many forms is mixed with cute blomers and fascinators.

Ghastly Lacing corset top
Ghastly Lacing corset skirt
Nocturnal Fields fascinator
Ghastly Lacing corset top
Ghastly Fields bloomers
Nocturnal Fields fascinator

Nocturnal Violets overbust
Nocturnal Violets fascinator
Ghastly Fields bloomers
Ghastly Lacing corset-capelet
Nocturnal Violets overbust and fascinator
Ghastly Fields bloomers

Colorful Night neck corset & fascinator
Nocturnal Fields underbust corset
Ghastly Violets bloomers
Dark Berry neck corset
Dark Berry corset-dress
Dark Berry comb

Photography: Garci.es
Model: Johanna Romo
MUAH: Marian Madrid (Red Kiss Make-up)
Styling: Dita Mortemí

♥ Would you love to see the complete photoshoot? Go and check our album Sour Spirits!! ♥


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