Lighting workshop by

Hi everyone! We had the pleasure of lending our wardrobe to our friend, the photographer Antonio from Fotografía, for one of his amazing lighting workshops. Here are some of his pics.

Pink Sugar exclusive blouse | Babygirl skirt (Cotton Candy collection) | Sacré cincher (Vinyl Doll basics)
Model: Yuki Hime
Asymmétrique blouse top (SilkenXmas collection) | Lady pencil skirt (Elegant Soldier collection)
Model: Livia Buzoainu
Tartan Lacé skirt (Back to School collection) as a dress
Model: Yuki Hime

Models: Livia Buzoainu, Yuki Hime
Make up and art direction: Akane Martins

♥ Would you love to see some extra photos? Go and check our web post Taller de iluminación por!! ♥


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