Videos about Miss Self.Destructive corsets

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Hello everybody!!
Hold on!! Curves coming! Here there are three videos explaining the vicissitudes of our corsets.

In the first video, we talk about the differences between corsets and similar garments as well as how they are constructed.

In the second one, we show you the fitting of corset-looking garments in order to help you to notice the differences between them and real corsets.

Finally, in the last one, we give some advices about how to put them on, how to choose your size and other useful yet basic prescriptions.

Important! All references are to our newest pattern which reduces your waist around 8 to 14cm. We also inform you that we are revisiting a pattern (from our corset patterns storage) that is softer and reduce a little less for more relaxed users. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Antonio ( and Diana Carrasco for helping to make this possible, and Andrés for his patience!


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