Zoom in! Our corsets

We know that to pay 150-200 euros for a garment you've never touched is quite frightening... Would it be quality? Does it worth the cost? May I  be able to wear it many times? How is it cleaned? And many other questions. So we will try to explain in detail all these things to encourage you to get our stuff or at least to know a little more about it. Let's start with a first look at our corsets, which are our main product.

How are they made?

All our garments are made individually with all our love and care. God, Satan, Allah or genetics have given both of us a pair of hands that are quite useful to make our corsets, from the crappy sketches on a bar napkin until just materialized in fabrics, bones and rivets.

Here is an example of crappy sketch (this time on a sheet) with the fabric samples that will be used for the making.

We make a maximum of two or three corsets at a time for the best results. Cutting and making and standard corset takes from 8 to 14 hours.

Here is an half-made corset so you'll see the work in progress ;) Those hanging threads, they are not so pretty, are they? But you we'll see the fishished work and how it's changed. Take a look at those huge pliers and the ruler on the corner. Because boning can't be cutted by itself (it would be fun though xD)

Regarding the custom made orders (Yes! We accept custom orders! Keep an eye on our Atelier section), the process is longer, more delicate and also more expensive. It is difficult to calculate the time they may take because each body shape is different and each person has own needs. So if you are interested, contact as on pedidos@MSCorsetry.com and we will be pleased to attend you.

To say goodbye, we are so happy to show you the final result of the underbust corset we made.


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