Tales of colors and shadows

We love when others take our clothing to tell their own stories. Today we are featuring the work of Antonio, photographer in Garci.es Fotografía, collaborating with make-up and hair artist Tamara Osorio, and models Nuria Nieto & Baby Skull. Our designer lend the team not only Miss Self.Destructive pieces but also some of her own personal collections (you can see those at her personal blog).

Nuria Nieto in our Dark Berry neck corset.

Baby Skull in our Gloom Blousant top and fascinator.

Nuria Nieto in Royale skirt.

Baby Skull in our Dentelle underbust

Nuria Nieto in Back to school collection underbust corset and satin red bloomers

Nuria Nieto in Retro Candy collection Nuit Perlée overbust corset and our basic crinoline

Baby Skull in Back to school collection overbust corset

Baby Skull in our basic crinoline

♥ Would you love to see the complete photoshoot? Go and check our album Alt Fashion Tales!! ♥


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