It's all about tartan and denim

Tartan and denim (as well as vinyl) are the fabrics we combined to create our fetish schoolgirl looks in Back to School collection. Today we are going to talk a bit about these textiles focusing in a corset which is made from both.

Miss Self Destructive - Back to school

Let's start with tartan or plaids. It is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours (thanks wikipedia for text ;P). It is regulary made from wool or acrylic (synthetic wool). Wools can be mixed with elastan (lycra) which adds stretch and also with other fibres with different features. Wools are so warm and perfect for winter, but tartan can be also made with other materials such as cotton which is much cooler. Even though it is associated to kilts and school uniforms, it is used to create many different garments nowadays.

Denim (jeans fabric) is a type of twill (cloth weaved diagonally). Its origins locate it in Nimes (tissu de Nimes - fabric from Nimes), it was made from cotton and it was used to make clothes for working. Now it is made from different fibres, specially popular are the mixtures of cotton and elastan for stretchy feel, and has become the basic we always need to have in our wardrobe.

The corset
Today's corset is Halter Écolière underbust which is made from both denim and tartan. This time we've chosen classic red tartan but small plaided and a superspecial black denim with silvery fibres. Same construction as usual. Strong reduction (up to 15cm). Conic silhouette. About pattern: pointy topline, high bach, longline hips cut. Side flaps for satin ribbons used as halter straps tied up at the neck.

This piece is really easy to match. We show you our choices! The first one adds a burlesque touch to the the schoolgirl style. Dramatic make-up is a win!

Photo: Antonio ( | Model: Nuria Nieto | MUA: Tamara Osorio

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Total looks always work well. matching fabrics keep things simple and nice. No need to squeez brains to get the perfect outfit. Black jorts and skirts will fit wonderfully.

Model: Verónica Sánchez | MUA: Noelia Torrijos
Model: Verónica Sánchez | MUA: Noelia Torrijos

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