About our... elegant soldier top

Let's open the new section About our designs with a very special top:

Top Coeur Elegant Soldier

Superlovely corset-style top made from gray camouflage printed cotton poplin. It is so easy to put on with its front zipper and fits wonderfully because of back lacing.

It is out of catalog at this moment but there's some fabric left in our storage, so we can make it specially for you if you want. We also have a little sample one. Its slightly different than the one featured above, so here are a couple of pics taken without model.

It is quite small, would suit for the following approximated body measurements:

Bust  76cm - 92cm
Waist: 56cm - 66 cm
Hips: 80cm - 90cm

As told before it is a sample item, but calm down, it won't bite you nor won't start speaking esperanto in the middle of the night. He have cared of it and cleaned it properly with all our love.

Ask about this product if interesed at:


It is waiting to be purchased at a very special price


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