Stretch tulle top amongst lights and feels

Miss Self.Destructive team loves to help to create interesting images. This time we have given one of our most versatile top garments: the elastic tulle top style Lady Mesh from the Alter Ego summer collection (you can find the catalog images in this lookbook). It is a basic piece so adaptable to many looks thanks to its color (black never fails) and the soft transparency of the fabric. The garment hangs beautifully and features a subtly draped neckline. It also has satin ribbons on the shoulders that are tied forming precious bows in order to frown the straps. For this shooting, the styling team has preferred to remove the ties and leave it loose and light.

However, we like to value the work of our colleagues. Even more so in images like these in which our clothes are elegant accessories. We want to point out the lovely teal blue corset romper made by a designer whose work we love, Penelope Almendros. And those shoes... we do not know who the artist is but they are authentic love (if you know who made them, just let us know!).

And how could we forget the fabulous photographer and digital artist, Rebeca Saray! We have been following her work for years and we have had the pleasure of collaborating with her on several occasions. It is always wonderful to see our designs portrayed by her.

The result is a photograph in which fashion, color and unexpected lights envelop a fantastic outfit.

We do not want to say goodbye without noting that we really like the chosen model. We must confess that we feel a special fascination for long red hair. This weakness is particularly accentuated when it goes hand in hand with white skins and saturated colors.


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