About our... Marilyn dresses

Although it would be really funny that Miss Norma Jean decided to recompose herself and leave her home in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, we will accept that the event is more than complicated. Anyway, we are daydreamers and we have designed a couple of dresses inspired by her at our atelier. Here they are:

Marilyn dress - Dark Pin-up collection

Photo: Olano | Model: Zombird | Makeup: Sandra Morcillo

This dress is made from cotton-stretch satin for the perfect fit. Its pattern is so flattering: underbust cut, gathered bust (perfect for most bust sizes - covers wonderfully and enhances beautifully),waist cut (super feminine!) and half-circular skirt. Features an inner stiff petticoat combined with a tulle and satin pleated flounce in color of your choice, halter straps tied up closed at the back and front decorative satin lacing (slightly adjustable) tone by tone with flounce. About colors, black as main one; black, red, purple, hot pink and lime green as contrasting tones.

Queen Marilyn dress - Rêve de Vichy et Cérises collection

Photo & Makeup: Sivali D'Lirium | Model: Sarah Poe

This dress is made from a beautiful black denim with silvery threads that add a very special glossy effect. Full circular skirt makes a difference comparing to previous design. This time with red gingham pleated flouce. Super cute gingham bows tied up around straps make such a lovely detail.

The truth is that if the lovely Marilyn rose up again among the living, we would enjoy dressing her. Whether she retains her iconic beauty as if she tried to chase us snarling: Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!

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